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goes to Kuala Lumpur.  Joining us in KL means  ensuring our rule #1 , your best leg forward from start to finish line. It means sharing with you the  best KL food and heritage experience touring by happy feet this Asian pulsating city shadowed by the world’s tallest twin towers. 

Your happy local hosts  will indulge you on this city’s best cultural sides either by day or night, a metropolis that personifies its distintive Asian character, truly Malay, Chinese and Indian as and when it comes alive and kicking.

Food cum heritage walking tour


Our savoury route will be tested by you.  We stop for food at eateries and restaurants popular with the local foodies. 

We mix and match our dishes for you how we locals do it. Plus the route is specially selected to close-in on KL attractions we should not miss. 

Ours is all food all heritage attractions city walk. 

Mypintu Millennial Experiences


Mypintu means My Door yours and mine to great experiences in Malaysia. We are happy going places with our visitors . To find out more about our local fare, browse the www and social medias for Mypintu, Mypintuplate (cooking class) and Mypintuisland (island connection). It’s all there. Penang is our pride and KL our stride. It’s a city famous for its indomitable skyline, down to earth heritage buildings and homes, a mix diverse cultural lifestyle in a modern melting pot setting. We explain to you where it all began and let our feet do the rest of the work.

Special Offer April to July 2019


Book with us from April to July 2019 and get our new exclusive period discount of 20 per cent.  Strolltasty.com KL jaunt charges RM220 per guest inclusive of food and drinking water.

How to contact our KL team?


The number to know is whatsapp 

+60142479314 (Khalid)


+60122180128 (Tong)

You can also fill up any of your request in the form which appears at the end of this website.

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